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Columbus membership is open to any institution interested in International cooperation and Institutional development. With more than 25 years, Columbus’ mission for this new decade is to consolidate itself as an effective instrument in Higher Education cooperation between Europe and Latin America for economic growth, social innovation and human development. Once a university joins the Association, it has at its disposal a number of services and activities, determined according to the guidelines of the Governing Board and the priorities of member universities. Those activities are developed by Columbus Secretariat, based in UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris.

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Those interested in becoming members of Columbus must be confirmed by a decision from the university’s administration. It is the Governing Board's responsibility to consider applications and accept new members.

Members Assembly

Columbus’ members take part of the universities’ annual meeting, where decisions concerning political orientation, strategic and action processes of the Association are made. It is also during these meetings that the members of the Governing Board are elected or confirmed (every two years), represented by 4 European and 4 Latin American Rectors. These meetings are organized in parallel to other activities of interest for University management.

Secretariat’s support

Columbus’ members receive at all times the Secretariat’s support in identifying and contacting European and Latin American universities; representing its Latin American members at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris and official representation in Bogotá, Colombia; as well as support for their international cooperation initiatives.

How do new universities join Columbus?

The admission of a new university to Columbus Association is a decision of the Governing Board. The Rector of the candidate university must address to the President of Columbus’ Governing Board, or to its Executive Director, an official communication expressing his interest. This letter must contain information about the University, number of students, teaching corps, accreditations, most representative programs, strengths and the main interest in joining the Association. Letters of adhesion are received and analyzed by the Governing Board that, through its President, sends the communication of acceptance of the university to the network.

Members’ contribution

Columbus’ member universities contribute to the financing of the Association through the payment of an annual fee. During the first two years of adhesion, the amount of this fee is 5000 euros and, since the third year, it goes down to 4000 euros.

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