Columbus maintains close relationships with a number of national and international organizations to allow for mutual exchange of knowledge and services. Additionally, several organizations support Columbus in various ways.

Organizations supporting Columbus' activities

UNESCO is one of Columbus’ main supporters. Since 1987, Columbus has had the support of the General Director of UNESCO and has been working closely with UNESCO’s Division for Higher Education. This cooperation has resulted in the creation of two UNESCO/UNITWIN chairs and other common actions, such as various publications produced with the support of UNESCO's Participation Programme. The Secretariat of Columbus is located in one of the offices of UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France. The European Commission has supported Columbus' initiative from the start. Its sustained support was decisive in the development of the association's activities, especially through the ALFA and @lis projects. Columbus' experience was taken into account when designing the ALFA Programme's sub-programme A. Various other institutions have been cooperating or cooperated with the Columbus Association since its creation, 25 years ago, by supporting its activities financially or participating in their development. The Association maintains a privileged cooperative relationship with them.

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