E-workshop: Implementing Internationalisation at Home

26 February 2015

Columbus is pleased to invite you to participate at the E-workshop: Implementing Internationalisation at Home, to be launched in the first week of April.

Policies for Internationalisation at Home are on the agendas of many universities. Just focusing on internationalisation for the mobile minority is no longer an option when all students are required to acquire international competences. However this is not an easy process. It affects the core of teaching and learning. Therefore, the active involvement of academic staff is essential. The support and guidance given to them may determine success or failure.

This workshop is addressed to international officers, policy advisors, managers, quality assurance officers aiming to support and guide academic staff when implementing internationalisation of the curriculum. This course is aimed at everyone in a faculty or university that creates synergy around the academic staff. The course culminates in an action plan which is built up during the sessions working directly with academic staff or specific programs at the university.

If your Institution took part in the first edition of the programme, you are welcome to participate with a team involving different faculty staff or programmes.

Please find attached more information on the content of programme and methodology, as well as the indications for registering until the 20th March 2015.

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