Online Science Days 2020 have started.

28 June 2020

From 28 June – 1 July the scientific world will gather for the Online Science Days 2020 of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.


Normally, the two meetings planned for 2020 would have been held in Lindau, and Germany would have had the pleasure of welcoming hundreds of the world’s best young scientists as well as many Nobel Laureates. This years, due to the conditions imposed by COVID-19, we will gather online instead, for a digital exchange between different generations, cultures, and disciplines.

Nobel Laureates, young scientists and young economists originally selected for participation in the 2020 meetings, and the Lindau alumni from the last 70 years will participate in this interactive meeting, including the 60 young researchers that Columbus has nominated since 2017. Of these, 19 correspond to the 2020 nominees (13 for the Interdisciplinary meeting and 6 for the Economy meeting).

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Columbus will actively participate in the events organized around the Online Science Days:

  1. Columbus Member Participation in OSD 2020:

We have arranged for our members to participate in the Online Science Days events. 40 Nobel Prizes, more than 1000 young scientists, economists and former participants interacting in 32 sessions in 4 days is the program that the OSD will offer. You will find all the relevant information and the “Live Streaming” of the events at:

If you cannot participate in the live events, you can access the recordings afterwards at:

Columbus has also been exclusively invited to participate in the Lindau Academic Partner Expo where we will have the opportunity to present our activities and services to the participants of the Online Science Days.

  1. Lindau Guidelines:

Columbus’ Board of Directors has subscribed to the Lindau Guidelines, which seek to develop useful and practical guidelines for scientific research and conduct to promote and support a new approach to a global, open, sustainable and cooperative science.  If you want more information:

  1. Sciathon 2020:

From June 19-21, Lindau Alumni and Young Scientist have joined the first 48-hour online Sciathon hosted by Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. In this challenge, the selected groups worked together on innovative solutions to some current problems: "Communicating Climate Change", "Capitalism after Corona" and the "Lindau Guidelines". Daniel Samoilovich, Columbus  Executive Director, has been invited to participate as a jury to choose the winning group of the Sciathon 2020. For more information:

For additional information on Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, visit:


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