70th Lindau Meeting: 13 Participants from Latin America nominated by Columbus

12 March 2020

Thirteen young talents from Latin American universities have been selected to participate in the 2020 Interdisciplinary Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting to be held in Lindau, Germany between June 28th and July 3rd, 2020.

The researchers nominated by Columbus constitute the 50% of accepted Latin Americans who live and study in the region, and 36% of all accepted Latin Americans, including those who study and work outside the region. These talented researchers come from universities in Colombia (4), Argentina (2), Ecuador (2), Peru (2), Venezuela (2) and Costa Rica (1). Eleven participants represent member universities of Columbus and the two remaining have been independent candidates that Columbus has been able to nominate this year, as the academic partner for Latin America of the Meetings. Since the signing of the agreement with the Lindau Foundation in 2017,  Columbus have been able to nominate 54 participants from Latin America.

Lindau 1

This year, 660 young scientists from 101 countries are invited to the 70th anniversary of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. They are undergraduates, master's, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, all of them under 35 years of age.Selected researchers will be able to participate in an intense program of conferences, round tables, bilateral meetings and an enriching exchange with young people with whom they share passion and interests. These young scientists have the opportunity to enrich and share in the unique atmosphere of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and the Nobel Laureates welcome the outstanding qualifications of the applicants and the great diversity of nationalities represented.

Lindau 2

Regarding the Laureates, the organizers are delighted to announce that a record number of highly decorated scientists will be attending to mark the 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting: around 70 Laureates have already agreed to take part to this meeting. That is almost twice as many as at recent meetings. The reason is that every five years – as now in 2020 – an interdisciplinary Meeting is held at which all three Nobel Prize scientific disciplines are represented (2015: 65 Laureates).

Lindau 5

During this meeting, scientists both young and old will together discuss the “Lindau Guidelines“ and adopt these in the course of the Meeting: They are intended as an aid to orientation for global, sustainable and open, that is to say, cooperative science in the 21st century. This initiative can be traced back to Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn (Physiology or Medicine, 2009) and the 68th Lindau Meeting.

Lindau 6

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings are held every year since 1951 and are designed as a forum for exchange, networking and inspiration. A world of possibilities opens up to the participants: some confirm what they already knew, others better guide the next steps in their scientific career. Thanks to the agreement signed in 2017 with the Lindau Foundation, Columbus is proud to be able to contribute to open perspectives to the young representatives of its member universities and Latin Americans in general, thus increasing the participation of Latin America in this global festival of sciences.


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