Erasmus +: 4 projects presented in the 2019 call

11 February 2019

4 Erasmus + projects, involving, 24 Columbus member universities, were presented in the 2019 call. Columbus has supported its member universities in the organization of consortiums and the preparation of the four projects proposals that were presented for the Erasmus + funding program of the European Commission. The four projects are Capacity Building projects in the field of Higher Education.

I2LATAM: Strengthening Research and Innovation in Young Universities for Regional Development in Latin America

The aim of this project is to strengthen research and innovation capacities through the definition and implementation of innovative strategies of collaboration with key regional socio-economic actors. With this purpose, the consortium will go through a reflection process involving leaders and decision-makers that have the capacity to re-think and re-define institutional policies, processes and structures based on lessons learned in the exchange of best practices and other activities within the project. In this sense, the project will contribute to the modernization of governance, management and functioning of the research and innovation processes at our HEIs.

However, the approach of this project is based on the argument that no institution can succeed only by pursuing structural changes with top-down initiatives, but that institutions must focus on actions that can lead to a cultural transformation and to the empowerment of the academic community involved in research and innovation processes. Thus, the project will also engage with the academic community at large involving managers, researchers and students in capacity-building activities and training on key competencies to ensure the active participation of players directly involved in the development of research and innovation capacities at our institutions.

Coordinator: Universidad de la Sabana (Colombia)

Partner Universities: Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro, Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina), Universidad del Magdalena, Universidad de Caldas (Colombia), Universidad Panamericana, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Mexico), Universidad de Lima, Universidad Católica de San Pablo (Peru), TU4DUblin (Ireland), Universidad Santiago de Compostela (Spain), UNiversidade de Aveiro, Universidade do Porto (Portugal).

Other partner institution: Moverim


CHANGE THE CLIMATE: Assuring the Quality of Environmental Strategies in Latin-American Higher Education

This project’s main goal is to increase Latin-American University’s contribution to Sustainable Development, through the implementation of environmental systematic practices and quality processes in alignment with the UN SDGs, improving the management and operations of higher education institutions.

The project will deliver tools and guides for environmental impact analysis and SDGs mapping in campus operations and educational activities. An environmental management system will be implemented in each partner university decreasing their environmental impact; sustainability awareness will be assessed throughout the academic communities; strategies for sustainability in higher education will be developed for curricula improvement; and a common open online course on sustainability will be created in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The project’s impact will reach stakeholders beyond the project partnership at local, regional and national levels contributing to behavioral change for sustainable futures.

Coordinator: ISCTE-IUL

Co-coordinator: Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul - PUCRS (Brazil)

Partner universities: Universidad del Norte, Universidad de la Sabana (Colombia), Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional - Heredia (Costa Rica), Universidad de Lima, Universidad del Pacifico (Peru), Universidad de Guadalajara, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Mexico), Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina, (Brazil), Politecnico di Torino, (Italy), Gothenburg University (Sweden)

Other Partner Institutions: Sustainability Literacy Test – SulyTest (France)



OPEN SESAME: Implementing Strategies to enable Open Science in Latin America


This project brings together an important consortium of Latin American and European Institutions, as well as international associate partners (UNESCO, and LA Referencia, among others) aimed at strengthening the scientific research capacity of Latin American universities by fostering their incorporation into the Open Science movement, according to national and international policies.


As a matter of fact, Open Sesame is the first project that attempts to integrate the main dimensions of Open Science in the Latin America landscape through the design and implementation of roadmaps and integrated institutional strategies, the development and consolidation of trustworthy technological platforms;, the strengthen of capacities, skills and knowledge of diverse stakeholders to manage and apply the principles of OS, and the building of bridges with national and regional initiatives to encourage the movement of Open science.


This proposal responds to the objective of developing capacities in the management and operation of research and innovation in Latin America, taking advantage of the progress achieved by Europe in this area. For Latin America HEIs, Open Science is an opportune means to achieve greater cooperation and scientific productivity and visibility regionally and internationally.


Coordinator: Politecnico di Torino


Co-coordinator: Universidad de Guadalajara


Partner Universities: Technische Universiteit DELF (Netherlands), Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), Università degli Studi di Torino (Italy), Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro (Argentina), Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano (Colombia), Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Mexico), Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, (Brazil)


Other Partner Institutions: Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology - IBICT (Brazil) and Centro de Innovación de los Trabajadores – CITRA (Argentina)


CLIMATE LABS: Strengthening applied research and innovation capacities in Latin-America through co-creation labs for mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change

Climate Labs seeks to strengthen the applied research and innovation capacities of ten partner universities from Mexico, Brazil and Colombia through the design and implementation of Social Innovation Labs for mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change. In a network with Universities from Spain, France, and Italy, plus Ashoka as a non-academic expert partner, the project seeks to build interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder labs that will institutionalize the applied research and innovation for climate change in the territories the partners are inserted.

In a term of three years, the project expects to train scholars, students and staff members in Latin America, who will form changemaker leader teams, design and implement labs according to the needs, strengths, challenges and characteristics of the institutions and territories they serve. In this period, each university will also implement a pilot project, get connected with international relevant networks as well as other national institutions, build the physical and virtual infrastructure of the lab, and develop strategies for the sustainability and scalability of the project.

The project seeks, ultimately, to build strong and connected areas of innovation and applied research within universities impacting in the overall capacities and strategies of the partner countries to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Coordinator: Universidad de Caldas

Partner universities: Pontifícia Universidade Católica Do Paraná, Universidade Católica de Pernambuco, Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), Universidad del Quindío, Universidad de Manizales, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Uniminuto (Colombia), Universidad de Guadalajara, Instituto Tecnológico y Estudios Superiores de Monterrey -ITESM- (Mexico), Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain), Universita´ Degli Studi Di Genova (Italy) and Université de Lorraine (France)

Other partners Institutions: Ashoka


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