Columbus Partners implementing Environmental Management Systems in Portugal

06 July 2018

From July 2 to 4, a working visit was made to the Environmental Management Systems - EMS- project at the University of Aveiro and the ISCTE-IUL in Portugal in order to evaluate the evolution and implementation of the environmental management systems developed by these universities in the framework of this consultancy project carried out by Columbus, in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg.

Foto Auditoria Julio 2018 - Reduced

During the three days of visit, teams from both Portuguese universities, expert Ullika Lundgren of the University of Gotehnburg and Daniel Samoilovich, Executive Director of Columbus, visited the ISCTE (Monday, July 2) and Aveiro (Tuesday and Wednesday , 3 and 4 July) to review the processes, documentation and actions conceived in the framework of this project to finalize with an internal audit in each of the universities.

This visit allowed the teams to advance in the development and implementation of environmental management systems in the campuses of these universities and to better prepare for the external quality audits that the universities will performe as a next step in their goal to consolidate themselves as leading universities in sustainability.

This experience can be replicated for those universities interested in establishing sustainability policies in the management of their campuses. For more information please contact the Columbus Secretariat.


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