Physiology/Medicine, honored at the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in 2018

14 September 2017

In 2017, 17 young researchers from Columbus member universities achieved their dream of meeting and sharing experiences for a week with Nobel Prize laureates at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings of Chemistry and Economics. Thanks to the collaboration agreement between Columbus and the Lindau Nobel Meetings, Columbus member universities can nominate candidates to participate in the 2018 Meeting that will be dedicated to Physiology/Medicine and closely related disciplines.

A very inspiring environment full of very talented young people with lots of potential and energy, motivated and united by the same passion, coming from around the world to meet with Nobel Laureates is what could be lived by students and young researchers on Physiology/Medicine is the y are selected to attend the meeting. To find out in detail the Selection Process and Criteria of 2018 meeting, we invite you to download the PDF file at the end of this article.  

Inspiring speeches, incredible experience, contacts and networking, perspectives of collaboration are some of the common words that describe this experience. Here is the voice of some of the participants.


“I came to Lindau with the aim of finding a field to develop myself in Sciences. And I think I just found it. I have always liked food chemistry but in Lindau I could realize that this is truly my path in science and for me this is very significant."

Antonella Coccia – Universidad de Belgrano - Argentina

Diana2"I expected a greater distance between the Nobel laureates and the participants, but in fact I found them very close to the public…  they have given us advice and suggestions about the problems of everyday life and how to confront our scientific careers.”

Diana Montes – Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar - Colombia


 "Something that made me very happy is that I got two proposals for masters, one in Czech Republic and one in Sweden."

Vanessa Arteaga - Universidad de Colima - Mexico

Oleksandra“ … this event allowed me to make contacts to make scientific collaborations. I met a scientist with whom we have already talked about working together. I also believe that it has given visibility to our university since with Felipe we have been promoting Universidad de Talca and talking about the research projects that we carried out in the university. "

Oleksandra Trofyunchuk – Universidad de Talca – Chile

Dirk Foremny

 “ I realized that they are genuinely interested in what the new generations of researchers are working on and I found that very inspiring. This is probably one of the things I appreciated the most here in Lindau.”

Dirk Foremny – Universidad de Barcelona - Spain

Mauricio Rodriguez 2

“ … what I liked the most is to hear a little about the personal experiences of the Nobel Prize laureates. It is interesting to know, beyond their research, the individuals who are behind the results and with whom we share the same profession.”

Mauricio Rodriguez – Universidad del Rosario - Colombia

Paulo Marques 2"… in the context of post-world war, the meetings were organized with the objective of bringing together different researchers as a sign of reconciliation and peace . For me, this origin is very inspiring in the context in which we are today. It is very important to maintain this spirit. It is important to keep the economy connected to the reality in which we live. As economists we must have this constant concern."

Paulo Marques – ISCTE-IUL - Portugal

Liana Bohn"It is an incredible opportunity to be here and meet people so different, who come from many different countries and who also have very different ideas. Wealth is in this diversity”

Liana Bohn – Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina


Hoeckel"To this day, this is the most important scientific/academic event that I have been able to participate in my life. It is an incomparable experience and also very enriching. All the work and time invested in my studies and research work has been rewarded by being able to participate in this event."

Paulo Hoecker - Pontificia Universidade Católica de Rio Grande do Sul

Juan Manuel del Pozo“After this meeting I think I have more questions than answers but I think this is also part of the experience. This meeting was great."

Juan Manuel del Pozo – Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Dante Urbina"… I believe that events such as these are key for young researchers, those who are going to actually build science in the near future and who will inspire new generations of researchers. In this context the role of organizations such as the Columbus Association, the Lindau Foundation or our universities is fundamental. ”

Dante Urbina – Universidad de Lima

In the following press releases you will find the complete testimonials of the participants of the Chemistry and Economy meetings held earlier this year.


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