Summer Internships in Colima

28 April 2017

From 2017 onwards, the University of Colima offers summer school on Colima, Mexico. Students can come for internships in the fields of: Hospitality, International Trade, Medicine and Multidisciplinary Community Care, all of them combined with a tutoring program of Spanish language and culture. Each edition will focus on different areas with 4 weeks of extension.

You are warmly invited to participate in our summer school in the University of Colima, to extend your knowledge in the mentioned areas, based on a mixture of theoretical and practical insights from an interdisciplinary perspective. Here you have a brief description of each SIIC: 


International students will be able to strengthen their profile by being integrated in real learning scenarios in the tourism industry. The aim seeks to develop a meaningful learning making responsible for specific tasks in the reality of the workplace. The student may rectify or ratify the possession of the vocation of service, identifying the area of interest for the future professional development and also to build his/her resume. The performance on the company will be accompanied by a supervisor and an academic tutor.
Our collaborators are a friendly and youthful hotels located in Manzanillo, Colima. They provide wonderful services for guests, in addition to the excellent views of Manzanillos sea. Their staff is a multilingual team with friendly attitude.
Period: 4 weeks. Date: June 12th – July 07th

International Trade

The international trade internship allows student to apply and reaffirm the knowledge acquired in the classroom on economic issues, instruments, proper application of customs law, document analysis, financial reporting, use free trade agreements, negotiation techniques and adequate development in public interaction. The work environment is conductive to create awareness of the productive reality of the country.
Period: 4 weeks.
Date: June 12th – July 07th


The internship has been designed for international participants to understand the Healthcare System in Mexico either to observe medical procedures or to understand the basic elements of the public health system. The program includes lectures, rotation in the “Hospital Regional Universitario” or in the “Centros de Salud” in the communities and reflection sessions during the internship. Students should have approved at least two years of studies in a Medicine School before coming to this internship.
Period: 4 weeks.
Date: June 12th – July 07th

Multidisciplinary Community Care Internship

The international students will develop activities in community locations such as welfare centers, children’s homes, community health and services centers, nursing and schools to promote the positive development of children, adults and the elderly, especially those living in situations of risk and vulnerability by socioeconomic status.
Students in the fields of education, psychology, medicine, nursing, nutrition, health and sustainable development, are welcome to this meaningful experience.
Period: 4 weeks.
Date: June 12th – July 07th

The Tutoring Language Program. (4 weeks/60hours)

Tutoring aimed at foreign students without knowledge of the basic Spanish. Focused on Mexican culture and the development of the different learning skills: comprehension, practice and communication, as well as the Spanish grammar.

Objectives: The student will understand and use basic and everyday expressions that will cover their first needs in a Spanish-speaking country. He/she will be able to introduce him/herself and ask the basic questions to identify others. Can interact with others, as soon as the other person is willing to speak relatively slow and help him/her.

Duration: 3 hours a day (2 hours/personalized tutoring and 1 hour/online apprenticeship) = 15 hours for weeks 1,2,3, and 4.

At the end of the summer school, students are expected to receive an official transcript from the University of Colima which will enable them to transfer credits into the curriculum at home institution.

Target group
The summer school is primarily designed for bachelor students who are interested to do an internship and improve their Spanish language. Applicants are required to have some prior experience with the topic of the internship they choose. In the application process, candidates will submit a motivation letter. English and basic Spanish is required to participate.

Application procedure

Applications can send by email to Cecilia García (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The application deadline is 15 May 2017. Upon successful submission you will receive an email with more practical information on payment and visa.
Accepted students will be registered as visiting students in the Universidad de Colima and will hence receive a student account and a student card allowing them to have access to all the cultural and sport facilities and the Wi-Fi network of the University.

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