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University Libraries - End of Benchmarking Program

18 August 2016

We have the pleasure to announce that the program Benchmarking in University Libraries successfully finished. It counted with 150 s from 26 member universities of Columbus, from Latin America and Portugal.

This program took place between March and June 2016, and was developed under the leadership of Paola Andrea Ramirez, using the benchmarking methodology in order to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement of library systems in five main themes:

  • Transition from ISBD towards RDA,
  • Digital Repositories,
  • Buildings and physical spaces,
  • User education and
  • Heritage collections.

The program concluded with the presentation and feedback on improvement action plans by library system and the elaboration of a Guide of Practical Recommendation, containing the main conclusions on the benchmarking’s chapters.

Participants had to full-fil an evaluation form, allowing them to comment on some aspects of program’s impact:

  • It helped us to rethink the actions of our library, with looks for improvement.
  • It allowed us to identified opportunities for improvement within our institution and also to strengthen the interrelations inside the university and with the group participating at this exercise
  • It gave as a variety of elements for a clearer picture on the RDA’s implementation
  • We have identified opportunity areas, as the institutional repository which will incorporate some of the suggestions that were raised during the sessions
  • A clearer view on the future of University Libraries
  • It allowed us to better plan our actions

Several actions will be taken in order to give continuity to the group of participating universities, among which we mention the development of an internship program between the participating Library Systems, the compilation of the final document of practices, the establishment of the social group in Columbus Hub Academy platform and the search of external funds for implementing cooperation projects.

Documentation & Program Site (Spanish):
Descargue la Evaluación: aquí
Libraries group on the platform Hub Columbus Academy: