Standing Ovation for the Irish President at the EUA conference in Galway

11 April 2016

Last 7th April, President Michael D Higgins gave a very vibrant speech in favor of academic values and universities role in society. 

On the occasion he said:Foto_noticia_presidente_Irlanda.JPG

“ One of the most exciting dimensions of the potential positive use of technology by scholars and students for higher education is that it liberates learning and the advancement of knowledge from the constraints of national borders, supporting international partnerships and facilitates a cooperation which is imperative if we are to address the many global challenges facing us. (…)

At the pedagogical level, the increasing availability of on-line courses has done much to make further education accessible to a wider range of citizens, which presents exciting opportunities for increasing participation – especially among remote or marginalized communities. It is critical, however, that students do not become disengaged from the teacher/student experience. Learning from those who are passionate about their subject, face to face collaboration and regular engagement in organic debate and discussion, participation on university societies and clubs, journeying into the false avenues as well as the fruitful ones, is central to a rich and fulfilling educational experience. (…)

The will to create bridges and to listen to each other with respect remains as critical in the academic sphere as it is in all areas of life. (…) Indeed, even at the economic and most practical level, we must also be mindful that the workplace of the future will have to be a space of creativity, one that will need graduates who are creative thinkers, able to bring disparate ideas into a coherent whole, bringing that broader understanding to complex matters and engaging in the production of integrated solutions, engaging with intuitive intelligence as so much scientific advance and discovery teaches us. “

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